Savory Salons is my way of bringing pies and writing together. I host salons with authors and a small intimate guest list of folk with a conversation surrounding everyone that stems from the author’s latest work. If you want to be invited, let me know and I’ll put you on the list.


Bernadette Murphy’s Salon

Bernadette Murphy’s salon gave us hot chicks a chance to ride a Harley. Or, at least to sit on one with the motor running revving. That’s really all it takes to get a buzz, or more. I tried to embrace risk and made a tartin en croute that night with all sorts of specialty meats in a hot water crust. Bernadette’s most recent book is Harley & Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life. We felt a little Thelma & Louise spirit that night. Here’s Bernadette’s take on those ladies.


Sue Silverman’s Salon

Sue Silverman’s salon in 2016. I took her backstage to meet Adam Lambert in person and she was beside herself (she’s a huge fan—see her essay online).

Once recovered we ate Persian Pie in a Lavosh crust with wonderful readers of her most recent memoir The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo Saxon Jew

Hope Edelman.jpg

Hope Edelman’s Salon

Hope Edelman Author of the Motherless Daughters series spent an afternoon in my living room telling us stories of her youth and her life and asking us all about our lives and grief and joys. It was a day filled with not just tears and laughter (and pie), but realizations and camaraderie.  I first met Hope when I read her book 30 years ago and it spurned the idea for of my own fears of losing my mother which is where my memoir led. Then, I ended up being asked to join her writing group about 10 years ago and learned she’s as grand a person in real life as she is in print.

(Photo by Irene Keller)