RWU Rogers Free Library

Ms. Wallen and moderator Susan Tacent discussed Amy’s latest book, When We Were Ghouls: A memoir of ghost stories. It is part of the American Lives series, curated and edited by Tobias Wolff.

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Maureen Cavanaugh on Midday Edition interview about what did my family really do with all those artifacts? "San Diego Writer Reflects on a (Sometimes Morbid) Childhood Abroad.”

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KPBS San Diego

"Loneliness haunts Amy Wallen's new memoir" a review by the Irreverent Reverend Jim Ruland. He has the same haunting!

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San Diego City Beat


Karin Gutman, the founder of Spirit of Story interviewed me about the writing process, the help along the way, and am I worried about any legal repercussions.

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The foundry

Julia Dixon Evans, the host of The Foundry, a reading series created by So Say We All, talked to me about why I write about ghosts and what is a memory? Is it not a ghost?

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San diego state university library

Linda Salem, a writing community friend and colleague, and children's librarian at SDSU talked to me about my younger years and how what the animals symbolize in my story. 

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