Obituary Blog

My last post was so long ago, November! So much has happened in the meantime. But I wanted to stop in here and write about an idea I'm thinking of starting. Two ideas, actually:

1. A place for Ordinary Obits. I miss the old fashioned obituaries at the back of newspapers. I don't get newspapers delivered anymore. I read both the LA Times and the New York Times online now. Sure, celebrity obits are still rampant, but not for the cool folks who lived a good hard life and they are remembered for being the ceramist to the stars, or playing in the mariachi band at JFK's inauguration. These are the folks' obituaries I want to see if I can hold a place for. Maybe here? Or at least start here. Not sure how this will work.

2. Graveyard Gossip. My Death Cafe friend, Karen Van Dyke and I are avid cemetery walkers, and we have the most delightful talks while we wander the gravestones. I walk the graveyards of New England and other parts of the world when I travel. We are thinking about starting a podcast of these talks. I will like to post those here too. Stay tuned. We are due for a walk soon.

These are what are inside my mind right now. I'm busy on book tour. I'm doing the usual book stuff, but I also have some fun "death panel" gigs with Susan Henderson, author of Flicker of Old Dreams. We have been touring together and sharing our love of death. Or, let's say we love to open the discussion of death so that folks aren't so afraid of talking about it. Death is scary enough as it is without going into it without someone to talk to or hold their hand. Or have a few laughs with. We, my death friends and I (Karen, Sue, and others) want to do that--be there. Until we can't.