My Hats

Barbie Hair.jpg

Creating a new website is like creating a new resume, only better. It’s not just my boring jobs, instead I get to see all the hats I wear. What kind of hats do all my persona wear?

Writer Hat. This hat is filled with characters and memories. It has tentacles that reach inside my head to the frontal lobe that snatch emotions and reactions. This hat has receptors that find ideas and are connected to electric zappers that keep my adrenalin flowing when that new idea strikes. This hat is very heavy and makes my scalp itch and yet I never get to take it off. I wear all the other hats on top of this one.

Teacher Hat. This hat syphons off from the writer hat. It takes what I’ve learned and presents it in some sort of order that makes sense, or at least makes it sound like I know what I’m doing.  This hat can often take different forms, like sometimes it’s scholarly and other times it’s a court jester hat when I need to keep the students awake.

Editor Hat. This hat sits on top of the teacher hat that sits on top of the writer hat. It likes to read, and it likes to solve puzzles and it tries to figure out the best way for another writer to express themselves. This hat invests itself in every story it devours.

Baker Hat. This is like a chef’s hat, a toque blanche only it’s mostly pie-shaped and instead of white it’s blueberry or cherry or beef bourguignon-stained. It’s not very tall because I have only one specialty, or two if you count that I like to bake both sweet and savory pies. This hat soothes the crankiness of all the other hats.

Other Hats. I have plenty of other hats I wear: Dog owner, middle-aged woman, grandmother, Southern Californian, friend, traveler, hiker, biker, political ranter and more. In this blog, I will write about all my hats and the adventures I happen upon while I don each one. Who knows what hat I will be wearing on what day! I might wear the pie hat and scholarly hat on the same day. Or, I might wear the court jester and grandmother hat side-by-side. But I will always be wearing the Writer Hat. No matter how itchy it gets.